Music For Massage

Healing Massage Music
Holistic Healing Massage is, as it implies, a complete whole body massage designed to comfort and relax, revitalise and heal, ease tension and stress, also invigorate and energise. Massage works on the muscular-skeletal system that is made up of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bony joints.

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Massage Music CD

All the massage music you will ever need – all in one box!

CD 1 – Perfect for relaxation and massage therapy, the delicate melodies and gentle flow of exquisite sound from keyboards and strings creates a profoundly peaceful atmosphere. CD 2 – These flawless sequences blend together effortlessly, without jarring breaks or beat changes, culminating in the perfect scenario for all massage therapy or relaxation. CD 3 – This music is the perfect vehicle for reducing stress and anxiety and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for remedial and relaxation massage.

Artist – Stuart Jones

Total running time:- 180:28

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Aromatherapy Massage Music

Aromatherapy is derived from two words. Aroma – meaning fragrance or smell and Therapy – meaning treatment. Aromatherapy has been traced to Chinese origins over 6000 years ago. Aromatherapist and Beautician Marina Swain, has collaborated in creating this album to create a mood and atmosphere to complement the relaxation experienced through the application of essential oils.

Artist – Llewellyn

Total running time:- 60:42

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